The Lady Bugs entered their first car show sponsored by Pioneer Auto Club in 1975. They knew they did not have a chance to win anything, but they did it to promote the club. During this time, many of the car clubs had business cards printed and exchanged them with each other for invites to club socials, softball games, picnics, and club sponsored dances. The Lady Bugs were known to have some of the best dances, and they were able to invite a lot of the top clubs from that era, thanks to the exchanging of business cards. The Lady Bugs would also help to organize some of the other car clubs' events, and to thank the Lady Bugs, the clubs would present them with trophies for their efforts. The club also created community service projects, like holiday caroling, at retirement homes during the holiday season.

The popularity of the club peaked between the years of 1974 and 1975. In 1976, the club founder and president Stella Perez left the club to start a new chapter in her life. Ruby Alexandra Beloz also left the club and went back to college to secure her degree. After Stella's departure, sisters Yvonne and Suzie Vallego reorganized the club and they continued on with the foundation that Stella and Ruby had set into place. They continued with the same set of rules and regulations, but changed the club colors from red to blue. The Lady Bugs continued on until 1978, when the club was disbanded for good.

Although the club was together for a short time, they left a lasting impression in Lowriding. The Lady Bugs set an example for young women everywhere by breaking the barrier of the male-dominated Lowrider car club scene. The importance of this club is referenced in the Women of Lowriding chapter of the Lowrider History Book. The young women of the Lady Bugs car club made history and opened the door for future generations to participate in Lowriding.

Lowrider Magazine would like to thank Conrad Garcia for connecting us with former Lady Bugs Vice President Ruby Alexandra Beloz. We would also like to thank Ruby for the use of her photos for this feature. If you are or know a former Lady Bug car club member, Ruby would like to get in contact with you. You can contact her at the web site she had created or the email address listed below.