Tomas: Junior and I really hit it off, and when we were ready for a road trip, neither one of us hesitated. Jesse couldn't travel, but he was lucky enough to see some of the country while on tour with Lowrider. Naturally, when he took his "Gypsy Rose" on tour cross country, we followed suit. We just decided to take it to the next level with all of the other chapters. Being in the Mother chapter, we needed to be able to keep some kind of standards and some control within the club. Some people thought we were too strict with our chapters, but we just opened the San Diego chapter. That chapter would have never happened had we not travelled and met people the way we did.

Junior: I see the club going in the right direction now, as long as we can keep the right leaders running the club. The way the club is going currently; I think it's a more family oriented club then it is a competitive club. I know there are other clubs that take this Lowriding lifestyle too seriously; we'd rather hang out at a park and have a good time meeting with new people. We also need to give our wives due credit for helping us to be where we are at today. My wife was my high school sweetheart; we've been married for over 25 years. She's always known how much I've been into cars and nothing has ever changed. She's been my backbone and support in this lifestyle that I live.

Tomas: In our club, we try to change out our officers once a year when we have elections. This year, Junior decided to step down after several years of being the Vice President, because we wanted Jesse to come back as VP. As long as I can remember, Jesse ran or was involved with the club, and he only stepped down because of his health. As Junior said, as long as the leadership is there, this club will continue for quite a long while. We have great members and the club is growing; recently, we even had WWE wrestler David Bautista join the club. What I like about Lowriding now is that Lowriding has changed and gone mainstream. I've been to more car shows now that I'm older than I ever had the chance to before. Now, with Lowrider Magazine reaching the status it has, we look forward to going to even more of these top-notch shows. These shows have the best cars around and the people at the shows are great, too.

LRM is proud to feature these two leaders and remains grateful for the insight they shared with us about the tradition of the Imperials throughout the years. Ride on, fellas!