Everyone has their own life story. For some, it is a smooth journey, as they conform to society and take a more traditional stance on their lifestyle choices. For others, it is a very bumpy ride, but the struggle within that ride forever changes and defines their individual character for the better. This is exactly what has happened in the life of Viejitos Car Club co-founder "Crazy" George Luna, a strong individual who learned quickly that life would not be easy. Born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico, George's young life was filled with music, thanks to his father, who taught him how to play a variety of different musical instruments, including the drums, guitar, keyboard, and bass. This fruitful childhood would prove to be invaluable to George, although he never knew that his knowledge of playing different instruments would be the key to his survival so soon in life. Frustrated with the other aspects of his home life, a headstrong George decided to run away from home at the tender age of 10, and he was able to survive the streets by playing in Norteño bands in the rough neighborhood of San Juan De Dios. After saving enough money during his adolescent years, he purchased his first car in the early '70's. George drove this Volkswagen Bug for a few years while he continued living in Mexico, but the street life was taking its toll on him, and soon he found himself in jail. With time to think, he devised a plan to clean his life up and head to the United States for a fresh start as soon as he was freed from prison. Unfortunately, he ended up moving to South Central Los Angeles, a place that was nearly as unforgiving as the rough streets of his Mexican home town. Besides the culture shock, George also did not know anybody in his new neighborhood, so he decided to fit in the only way he knew how - by joining a gang.

"I was into gangs. We used to cruise Whittier Boulevard in my homey's '65 Impala and we used to love it," George says. This first taste of life on the Boulevard intoxicated George to no end. "Cruising the streets with the heinas and partying all the time was something outta this world. I really liked it!" Partying was fun for George, but when he met Negrito and Guero from Classic Memories Car Club, his focus on cars became more intense. "They are the ones that really pulled me into Lowriding," George says with a smile. During the same time that he met these two compadres, George hit rock bottom thanks to a heroin addiction, and realized that his path in life had taken a wrong turn. George got himself cleaned up, left his neighborhood gang, and started a new life as a family man. He focused on taking care of his family, Lowriding, and his beliefs in God.