Andy's Hydraulics has moved to the historic Story and King area, and once there, he found his shop busier than ever. "Entire car clubs would show up wanting to have all their cars lifted by the weekend," says Andy with a laugh. Things just took off in the scene, and before long, Andy had 8 stores, including shops in Los Angeles, Phoenix, El Paso, and all others over Northern California. "I opened up stores in the cities that I saw a lot of people coming in from," says Andy. "It was a snowball effect from there."

The business proved to be much bigger than Andy had initially visualized. "Things started to get to crazy for me, and I started to get out of it," he explains. "I was making a lot of money at the time, but money isn't everything." "The hydraulics was bringing another element to the scene that I didn't like," he says with dismay. "It was bringing in a bad core of people that I didn't like, so I decided to not do it anymore."

Now that Andy Douglas has retired, he has opened up a Hobby shop in San Jose. "That's the retirement business," says Andy with relief, adding, "it's just about playing with RC cars." Although he has stepped away from the hydraulics business, he hasn't completely departed from the scene. Andy's Hydraulics is still working on cars these days, because he is willing to work on cars for people that he's done work with dating back to the '70's. "I'm still lifting cars" says Andy, who is working on the fifth car for a new club coming out of the East Side of San Jose called "Chevyitos." Andy would like to thank Doug Vigil for keeping New Style car club riding strong after all these years. The story of Andy Douglas is an interesting one to me. It is a story that left me thinking about how everything in life happens for a reason. Would the course of history have changed if one young man's trip to East Los never happened? Would Lowriding be what it is today if that young man would have gotten a blowout on Highway 101 on that faithful day in 1972? These were just a few of the questions that I asked myself after leaving Andy Douglas' home. I was astonished at how a single road trip changed one man's way of life, and single-handedly pushed the Lowrider movement to new heights, (literally).