Tunes are a definite need when cruising, so Pierre wired up a Zune docking station that directly connects to two Audiobahn ADT 1800 amplifiers, a trio of 12-inch dub1200 subs, a 6x9, and a 6-inch speaker. Leaving the factory radio in place and only utilizing the factory speaker enclosures gives "Jazzy" an original look. The Zune dock is a perfect solution, as it features a wireless remote and charges the Zune while it's holstered. Andrew Perry was then called upon to handle the fabrication of the custom trunk enclosure that houses the amplifiers and subs. A combination of fiberglass and custom panels gave the trunk a modern sleek appearance that Pierre was looking for.

Last but not least, what's a Lowrider without the switch action? While Pierre will always prefer hydraulics over airbags, air won the battle over juice on this build up. Pierre's wife, Melanie, felt it was too precious of an automobile to "cut," and while Pierre was still itching to install a three pump set-up with eight batteries, he agreed with his wife and called on Gilbert Gonzales of USA Motorsports to install a bolt on air ride system. Gilbert and his ingenious crew installed two ViAir 380 compressors, fitted with two 5-gallon tanks. Four switches were mounted under the dash to give Pierre quick access to motion his bowtie beauty to dip in every direction.

Pierre would like to thank his lovely wife for her continued support, Frank Chapa for his tedious labor, Jerry Vincent for his custom touch, and Andrew Perry, and the gang on Chevytalk for all the advice and pointers throughout the build. This reconstruction is a prime example of what the Unified Car Club members are serving up in the Lowriding scene in San Antonio. "Jazzy" has rightfully taken home first place wins in her debut year, and the numerous prestigious awards it has received to date is just a taste of what is to come, as Pierre continues to showcase this prestigious fifty-nine. While the Suranto's are very happy with "Jazzy" at this time, you can bet that upgrades are always in the works.


Pierre Suranto
Vehicle: '59 Chevy Impala
City/State: San Antonio, TX Club: Unified Car Club

Engine: Stock 348-CID with Powerglide transmission.

Interior: Jerry Vincent installed a custom mix of leather and suede.

Paint: Frank Chapa straightened the fine lines of the '59 and laid down a flawless paint scheme that included PPG Aspen Green & White Base Clear with a Clear Coat.

System: Three 12" subs, three 6x9's, one 6" and two Audiobahn amps all linked up to a ZUNE player with wireless Dock and remote.

Setup: Air Ride, 4 switches FBSS, 2 380 compressors, 2 5 gallon tanks, slam bags, installed by Gilbert Gonzales of USA Motorsports.

Wheels: 13x7 Dayton wheels.

Tires: 155/80R13 BF Goodrich.