Vic, of Victor's WoodGrain in Anaheim, California, took care of the woodgrain restoration. He was the obvious choice, since he has worked on numerous high caliber cars. Once the sounds and woodgrain were complete, Ron had Mando's Upholstery in San Pedro, California, cover the interior with a beige mohair fabric. He then added just about every accessory available for the Chevy, including an OG super ray passing light, OG 1937 foglights, front and rear bumper guards, and a Sherrill compass, just to name a few. The last, but not the final thing, Ron's modification on the Chevy was to have Joe Epstein lower it. After a year and a half, the car was ready to hit the streets. The car has not been to any shows yet, but we are sure that once it does, it will collect more than its fair share of awards.

Now that this project is done, Ron does have another project build he has already started on. This one is sure to be another magazine feature-worthy project. His children will also be getting started on their own projects. As with any build, Ron has a few people he would like to thank. Ron would like to thank his family, his fellow club members, and especially "G", Vanilla, Maniac, Capi, Cuco, Vic, and Mr. Bomba for all of their expertise and assistance on the Chevy. Ron also let us know that we should expect a lot from Classic Memories in 2010. We cannot wait to see what new rides hit the streets with a Classic Memories plaque in the rear window!