Since so many award-winning Lowriders have been built at his shop, Joe keeps close ties to the other Lowrider Car Clubs in the Dallas area. After visiting one of his friends from California, Pete Cruz, Joe was introduced to the INLA , and saw how different car clubs could work together to ensure that Lowriding was represented in the right way. In '02, Joe started the Dallas United Lowrider Association, or the "ULA," as it is known, with some of the most respected people in the Lowrider Community, including Luis Morales, and Mando Reyes. Their goal was to uphold the positive image within the Lowriding community, and maintain the same positive image in their respective neighborhoods. The ULA aims to alter the negative stereotype that society associates with Lowriders by successfully organizing car shows, family-oriented picnics, parades, and very successful toy drives for the area's needy children and families. The ULA also assisted the Dallas Police Department by building a Lowrider Cop Car, which is used for the local Dallas P.D.'s D.A.R.E. program. They also extended a helping hand by raising money for members that have been struck with illness or have fallen on bad times.

Through it all, Joe remains humble and grateful to be a part of something that has had such an amazing impact on his life, and the lives of others. Today, he is busier than ever, and has branched out his customization skills by building motorcycles and boats, in addition to classic Lowriders and Bombs. He balances his personal and professional life, and always makes time to attend the ULA meetings and car shows all over the nation. Joe has always stayed true to the game, and is one Lowrider enthusiast who is always a phone call away, willing to lend a helping hand at a moment's notice. Joe would like to give all the ULA members special thanks for keeping it real, and for always being supportive with one another. We are sure that Joe's journey has just begun, so keep an eye out for his new Lowrider to hit the streets, and hopefully grace the pages of LRM sometime in the near future.