Andy is now building a new car for himself. He is working on a 1972 Chevy Impala that will debut in 2010, and will fly the Reality Car Club plaque, just like the Malibu did. Andy's son, Jacob, will help with the driving duties once the car is complete. Andy's wife Rachel will also be by his side, just as she has been for all of these years.

Throughout his time in Lowriding, Andy has been fortunate enough to have the support of his family. In fact, they all enjoy the Lowrider culture. The family enjoys going to car shows, cruise nights, and on occasion, they will make the early Sunday morning trek to the Pomona Swap Meet to hang out. Andy's son is now of the age where he enjoys cruising in the Malibu, and with the encouragement of the guys in the club, he will hit the switches when Andy's not looking. The family also participates in all of the Reality Car Club events, and willingly lends Andy a helping hand with the car whenever it's time for a show. Andy also considers his relationships with his fellow club members as more than just friends; they are like brothers and are part of his family.

I asked Andy to share his thoughts on the Lowriding culture today, and this is what he had to say:

"In my opinion, the Lowriding culture today has taken a lot of strides. In these hard economic times, our schools need help, and our families need help. It is great to see car clubs step up and help to make a difference by supporting community events. I believe this helps change public opinion on car clubs and Lowriding over all."

With as many years as Andy has spent in Lowriding, he has experienced both the positive and negative public perception of Lowriders and the Lowriding culture, so he certainly speaks from a knowledgeable standpoint. He also shows no signs of slowing down, and has no plans of retiring from Lowriding. He will only be busier with two cars to prep for shows. He commented that he'll be Lowriding "until the Department of Motor Vehicles takes my license away." If our calculations are correct, that means that Andy easily has another 30 years of Lowriding left in him. Ride on, Andy!