A large part of the Viejitos' belief system stems from community service and outreach. Each and every one of the club's chapters remain active within their respective communities. They participate in community sponsored events, such as toy drives each year during the holidays, which help to give toys to the kids in their communities that would not otherwise receive a holiday present. Feeding and clothing the less fortunate are two other key components of the club's community service. In addition, youth outreach is also a big part of the club's community involvement. The club teaches the youth in their communities that there is more to life than getting caught up in drugs, gangs, and criminal activity. They have turned Lowriding, something that was once frowned upon by society, into something very positive for the youth of today and their communities at large.

The club is not just about the member, it's about the member and his or her family. Members' families are included in all of the club's events. The Viejitos feel strongly that they have the most supportive families, and remain dedicated to thanking them and acknowledging them for everything they do for the club. This club is about more than just restoring cars and cruising in them; it's about bringing families together and raising the next generation of Viejitos in a positive environment. George and Albert stress that without the support and participation of the family, the club would not be successful. One of the club's biggest supporters was George's dad, who lent his support to the club from its infancy until his untimely passing. His spirit will always be a part of the Viejitos. The club is one big family under one roof, and chances are, the next time you hear someone yell "who's in the house,?" you'll probably hear the response "Viejitos in the house!"

What does the club have planned for the future? They are still expanding their presence throughout the United States and abroad. In January of 2010, a chapter was started in Phoenix, Arizona. The club is planning a 25th anniversary event, sometime in the summer of 2010, as well. The chapters will continue to produce and participate in car shows and community events within their communities and surrounding areas. Given the huge presence of the club, the next time you hear a siren while you're driving, it just might be a member of the Viejitos!