All said and done, Audie has about 40 years of Lowriding memories. Good times, sad times, and bad times, but despite the roller coaster ride he has been on, he wouldn't change a thing. In fact, it's safe to say that Audie he would stand in a very long line to take that same ride again! Audie has gathered quite a bit of club memorabilia over the years, a collection he decided to display in his recently renovated garage. One of his fellow club members, Tattoo Tony, created a few photo collages in digital format that would cover the back wall of the garage. Big Page from Ultrawide Inc. printed out these photo collages on their wide format printers, using the same material that is used to wrap vehicles. The history of Lifestyle CC is presented throughout the wall in the photos, and the side walls of the garage are covered with magazine covers which feature Lifestyle club cars, personal memorabilia, as well as numerous photos of memories gone past. As you can see from the accompanying photos, the garage is quite a sight to see. Audie would like to thank club members Rick Ortega and Tattoo Tony for helping him bring his ideas to life.

So what's next for Audie? He's done building cars, so the Riviera and Mark V are the last cars he'll build for the club. He has no plans in the near future to step down from his position in the club, or leave the club in any way. 2010 marks the 35th anniversary for Lifestyle Car Club, so there is a big celebration in development.

It has been quite a ride for Audie, and he has many people that he wishes to acknowledge who have been the key to his success within the culture he loves. Audie would like to thank his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and his children Desiree, Brandy, Simon and "Bubba" for supporting him throughout his career. He would also like to thank those "Old Members" who have stuck it out over the years, and continue to ride like it's 1975! He is proud to consider them as friends, along with the rest of his die hard Lifestyle Brothers. We would like to thank Audie for sharing his story with us, and for giving us the opportunity to ride along with one of Lowriding's "been-there, done-that, but-still-doing-it" types of guys. P.S. Audie, sell the Bike, buy Liz a '69 Camaro.