After a few years passed, one of his friends gave him a present in the form of an '83 Coupe DeVille. The car was already cut, but needed some additional work, so Raymond took it to Red's Hydraulics for a set-up overhaul. He decided that even more work should be done to this new Caddy, so he took the car to Tui's Shop in San Bernardino, CA where the car began its new transformation. The car was then upgraded to a Euro style '95 Fleetwood Brougham, after the interior was changed and the side moldings were added. Walter, from West Coast Paint and Body in Lynwood, CA, painted the frame red and the car's body was painted in a classy silver color. Motivated by their success and determination, Raymond and Tui teamed up to open up a small shop, called Dream Team Customs. The business flourished, and they were forced to move to a bigger location in Paramount, CA. With a bigger space to play with, Raymond decided to strip the car down so that he and Tui could take it to the next level in time for the '09 Vegas Super Show.

The Cadillac was taken off of the frame, and paint expert, Doc, painted it silver before adding custom graphics to the frame. Doc also added a few graphics on the side of the Caddy. Unsatisfied, he decided to go all out by adding additional graphics to the hood, trunk, and roof of the Caddy. He also gave the car some pin stripping, and added custom graphics to the wheels. The interior of the car was also upgraded with blue suede, which covers the seats, roof, and dashboard. The interior also received a '90's-style dashboard and steering wheel upgrade. Tui took the setup and rebuilt it, as he chromed out the two-whammy pump setup, and added bent tubing throughout the setup. The engine and engine compartment were also redone by Tui, who replaced the original engine with a '95 Chevy 350, fully loaded with a chrome upgrade. He also gave the engine compartment chrome wheel wells. The suspension was also taken apart and chromed out, while the Caddy was upgraded with '96 Impala Disk brakes. The crew decided to keep the exhaust and transmission in stock condition, as these components didn't need any work.

After 10 months of constantly rebuilding the car, the guys of Dream Team Customs finished the car in time to take it to the Super Show in Las Vegas, where it was one of the show's most talked about rides. Gracious for being able to take home numerous awards at the Super Show, Raymond would like to thank the Dream Team Customs crew: Tui, Flexx, Benson, Jr. and Wink for making his dream come true. Great job, fellas!

Owner: Raymond Foley
Vehicle: '83 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham
Club: Majestic's Car Club, Compton California
City/State: Compton, California

Engine: The stock engine was replaced with a '92 Chevy 350, then accessorized with a chrome dress up kit and flex hoses.

Body/Paint: After blocking the car down to smooth, straight lines, Walter from West Coast Customs in Lynwood, CA upgraded the Cadillac's body by adding the side moldings. The car was then given to Doc, who laid down a silver base paint before deciding to pattern-out the entire car, including the hood and trunk lids. Doc then added a finishing touch by adding pin stripping, accenting the patters and bodylines.

Interior: Jesse from San Bernardino, CA took the stock interior and reupholstered it with blue suede, complete with embroidered Cadillac logos.

Sound System: Spank's Motor Sports in Compton hooked Blue Magic up with an Alpine sound system, including the head unit, tweeters, woofers, and amps.

Suspension: Dream Team Customs built two custom whammy chrome tanks with Adex Dumps and custom bent tubing. The waterfall style set up allows the Caddy to lock up and lay at the hit of a switch, while being powered by 8 batteries, controlled by four switches.

Tires: 155/80 R 13

Wheels: Zeniths 100-spoke wires