"There was nothing wrong with the interior, but once the car was painted, I decided to refresh it. I sent the Fleetline out to Raul's Upholstery in Ontario, where they gave the interior a beige tone and tweed-fabric finish. When I purchased the car, the suspension had already been modified, and the car was hooked up with front and rear airbags, controlled by two switches. The rear leaf springs were already de-arched, and a few of the stock leafs had been removed, to allow the suspension to travel smoothly."

Finally, Hector's dream Fleetline was finished, and all those years of studying under his brothers had paid off! Now his brothers, especially Harvey, who taught him how to paint, would get the chance to see their baby brother represent the Alvarado family name in LRM! I left the shoot in a great mood, happy to have helped Hector share his story, but what Hector told me in the days following the shoot truly broke my heart:

"On the evening of this photo shoot, my brother, Harvey, passed away. Harvey was the one who taught me how to paint. He and I had many years of good times painting together. In memory of my loving brother, I am dedicating this accomplishment to him. Rest In Peace, Brother."

We here at Lowrider offer our sincerest condolences to Hector and his family following their loss. Great work on the Fleetline, Hector, you can be rest assured that your brother's memory and his personal touch will live on forever..

Owner: Hector Alvarado
Vehicle: 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline
City/State: Chino, CA
Club: No club

Engine: Stock 1947 235 c.i.d. with split manifolds, controlled by a 3-speed transmission.
Suspension: De-arched leaf springs, and front and rear airbags controlled by two switches.
Wheels: 15-inch artilleries
Tires: Firestone 5-60's gangster whitewalls.