Currently I'm a member of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) here in Arizona and we're sponsoring our upcoming convention. I also have clients like The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and social community organizations like Chicanos for La Causa whose events are documented through my Latino Paparazzi company.

People need to understand the history of lowriding and Lowrider Magazine. They need to know that it didn't start on MTV, but rather, in the '40s and that a lot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed as people would get harassed and be racially profiled by police departments, leaving others to get away with murder because they had different skin color than we did or drove a different type of car. We need more positive images and more dialogue within the lowrider community. We need to properly recognize a lot of the individuals that are living the hall of fame lifestyle, and we also need to cultivate our younger generations, as these guys are the future. Today's youth will become our future mayors and community leaders."

Forever humble, Johnny does not wish to take credit for what he has done. This same unselfish school of thinking has led him to positively influence and shape the lowrider movement in ways too numerous for us to count. There are fewlike Johnny Lazoya who "walk the walk" in the past and now can "talk the talk" for the future.