In 1994, the club took the drive up the 5 freeway to the Los Angeles Super Show at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Bird put the Cutlass on a turntable on the main floor. The experience was a dream come true for Bird to be in the company of such amazing works of art. In 1995 and 1996, he took second and third place with the Cutlass at the Lowrider Magazine shows in San Diego.

In 1997, Bird's father retired from the Military and decided to move back to Montana where he was born and raised. Bird had to move into an apartment and did not have anywhere to keep the Cutlass, thus, he was forced to sell it. He knew that he would build another project, but had no idea what he was interested in building just yet. Later that year, he was visiting his parents for the holidays when he found a 1963 Impala in a bone yard. Bird and the owner made a deal to trade a trailer and some cash for the car, and. Bird's dad drove the car back to San Diego for him. Mike Davey painted the car, while Bike Mike from Bottoms Up Hydraulics added the car's hydraulic set-up. Bird had the car reupholstered, and it was back on the streets in no time.

Bird kept the '63 for a while before moving on to the "White Ghost," which was a 1987 Luxury Sport Monte Carlo. Once again Mike Davey worked his magic on the paint, and Bird flossed the Monte for a while before deciding to tackle another project. You see a pattern developing here, right? Bird moved on from the Monte, and found a 1967 Convertible Chevy Impala around 2002. The car had been sitting around for about 10 years, and Bird did not know how bad it was until he broke the car down. It needed full quarter panels and full floor replacements, so Jose Coronado of Groupe San Diego helped him find a donor car to bring the body back to life. Mike Davey again sprayed the ragtop and it debuted in Phoenix that year. The '67 would also get Bird another feature in Lowrider Magazine. At the time, the '67 was making rounds on the show circuit, so Bird began working on a 1988 Luxury Sport Monte Carlo called "Freshly Squeezed." Bird lost interest in the '67, and found a 1961 Chevy Impala Convertible in 2004. The '67 went up for sale, and Big Rich from the Los Angeles Majestics chapter bought the beauty from him.

The '61 came home and Bird continued on with the build of his '88 Monte, "Freshly Squeezed." A club member offered Bird money for the car, and it was gone. Remember the pattern I mentioned earlier? With cash in hand and no other car projects, Bird could finally complete the build of the 61 right? Wrong. Bird found a 1964 Chevy Impala, which the club dubbed "Montana Banana," because Bird had painted it yellow, and his parents were from Montana. Once the '61 was complete, "Montana Banana" was retired, and the first official debut of the '61, nicknamed "Rock and Roll Gangster," took place at the 2009 Las Vegas Super Show. These are only a few of the twenty cars Bird has built since 1991.