Sound System: A Jensen DVD head unit located in the glove box plays a wide array of movies and CD's while six Kenwood components line the cabin for clarity. A Kenwood amplifier powers the two 10-inch subwoofers located on the back trunk wall for the bumps. Bobby purchased a stock stereo to keep the OG feel of the Impala.

Setup: The trunk houses an engraved four-pump, four-dump Pro Hopper setup that uses 8-inch Pro Hopper cylinders to the front and 10-inch cylinders to the rear. Six Duralast Marine batteries make sure the power is strong. A five-switch panel is mounted on the dashboard for easy access. All the work was performed by Willie Trujillo of Espanola. Hernan from California did the engraving.

Tires: P155/80-R13 Kumho Touring

Wheels: 13 x 7 100-spoke all-chrome OG wire wheels