Time management was the key to achieving this deadline, so the crew was forced to juggle the build. While Topo and his nephew assembled the painted frame and the chrome plated undercarriage, the upholstery was sent out. In order to find a motor suitable for the build, Topo had purchased a low mileage 1992 Cadillac donor car, so he swapped out the engine and drive train and installed them in the convertible. The exterior also received the 1992 side molding shell and 2-door Brougham rocker moldings. These fiberglass shells would be painted in a tan color to complement the interior of the car. The trim that was sent out to Cesar's Plating in Wilmington was also bolted back on, as it complemented the new 13x7 Zenith wire wheels. Freddy of Bowtie Connection from Torrance, CA did the pillow top Brougham upholstery, which was stitched in a tan leather and suede. Freddy also installed the convertible Acme stay-fast top. While Freddy worked on the upholstery, Topo worked on the stereo setup for the car. Topo and Junior started building the trunk panels and speaker box that would share room with the pumps that were simultaneously being installed by Big Frank of Homies. The results of the trunk brought out the best of both spectrums, as it showcased a booming system and an active suspension that could hop all over any competition out on the streets.

Believe it or not, Topo and his nephew Junior finished with time to spare, as they completed the build a week early. Now Page has a car that is pretty rare, but don't think for a minute that he is scared to give it plenty of action out on the boulevard! Page can be seen cruising the streets in this beauty daily, as if this was the only car he owns. From the Eastside to the Westside you can see him enjoying his Le Cabriolet.

The Aftermath
Owner: Page Gamboa
Vehicle: 1982 Cadillac Coupe Le Cabriolet
City/State: Los Angeles, California
Club: Westside, Los Angeles
Engine: Stock 1992 GM 350 5.7 liter engine fully detailed with chrome and other tricks
Body/Paint: '04 Lexus olive green PPG two-stage color
Interior: Leather and suede interior by Freddy of the Bowtie Connection
Sound System: JL Audio sound system with two amplifiers that power the midrange and three W-6 subwoofers; Alpine head unit
Set Up: Two aluminum Homies pumps, 1 Adex super duty dump, two Italian dumps, plumbed and hard-lined, and six 31-series batteries
Tires: Cornell Radial 155/80R13
Wheels: 13x7, 96-chrome spoke with gold nipple and knock off Zenith Wire Wheels