With the exterior now flawless, the next step on the truck project was to rework the interior. Elvin installed a third row seat from a Chevy Suburban in the truck, and then covered it in black and grey tuck and roll material. The door panels were wrapped in the same black and grey tuck and roll material to match the seat. The headliner is gray diamond plate, which Elvin fabricated out of rubber. He installed a Kenwood deck and Apple IPOD dock in the truck, and added 10" speakers to each door for just the right amount of sound. The dash and gauge cluster were custom fabricated as well. The interior of the truck was completed with power windows and keyless entry, which Elvin also installed himself.

After all the work Elvin had put into the truck he ultimately decided that the V6 had to go. He installed a Chevy Small Block with a 23" shifter. While he had the motor out, brushed stainless panels to the engine bay were added, and some chrome accents to the Small Block too. After 5 long years, This home built frame-off build was complete. Even more amazing than the amount of time that went into the build, is the fact that all of the work, with the exception of the paintjob, was completed by "you know who" in his garage!

Elvin's first show was in June 2009, after the 5-year build. In the first couple of months of attending shows, He has collected 14 awards, including best of show and best custom. Elvin and his wife Bernie drive the truck to the shows they attend, and plan on enjoying the truck as much as possible. Now that the truck is complete, Elvin already has his eye on his next project. We are sure he will put just as much imagination into the build of the next project as he did with this one. Great work!

Owner: Elvin & Bernie Scalise
Vehicle: 1939 GMC Truck
City\State: Los Angeles, CA

Engine\Drivetrain: 350 Small Block with RV Cam and 7R Transmission. Custom chrome accessories and stainless steel firewall.

Body\Paint: Body prep by owner. Deep Black by Maaco Auto Body & Paint. 1939 GMC Cab, fenders, hood and grill. 3" chop and suicide doors. Chevy S10 truck bed narrowed 14" and chopped 12". Tailgate is a custom fitted Chevy Nova hood. 1946 Ford Pick Up rear fenders. Custom-made rear skirts, tonneau, front skirts and running boards by the owner. The rear window insert is from a Ford Pick Up grill. Harley Davidson Tombstone taillights.

Interior: Black & Grey Tuck & Roll Seat and Door Panels. Seat is a third row seat from a Chevy Suburban. Custom Diamond Plate Headliner made out of Rubber. Custom Dash and Gauges. Power windows and keyless entry. All work performed by owner.

Sound System: Kenwood head unit and Apple IPOD with 10" speakers in each door installed by owner.

Suspension: Mustang II front end and front and rear air bag set up installed by owner.