After the accident, the car found itself back at Unique Twist, where it was given a few extra additions that really dressed up the exterior. Some of the upgrades included pinstripping by Rick Grindle, who expertly laid out the subtle red striping designs to complement the body-lines. Joe Montana then painted murals throughout the car using pearls and candies, leaving the car covered with ghost murals of genies and girls. These scenes were done as a tribute to Rick's old "Aladdin" car. Montana's painting technique is amazing in the sense that these pearl and candy murals can only be seen in certain angles. The exterior paint finish was complete, leaving the Caddy looking even more amazing than before, but in order to finish off the car, Rick clearly had his work cut out for him.

Now that the exterior of the Coupe DeVille looked the way it did, Rick realized that the whole under side of the car would have to be painted and chromed out in order to match the amazing paintjobs the car had just received. After carefully making sure that there would be nothing else in his garage that could damage the car, Rick and friend Douglas Rodriguez removed the frame and engine from the vehicle. He began the upgrades by molding the frame, using a new welder that he had received as a gift from his loving wife Mona.

Rick spent the better part of the next few weeks reinforcing and molding the frame, so that it could withstand the stress from the hydraulic upgrades that would come later in the build. After completing the reinforcement, Rick sent out the frame to Precision Powder Coating in Santa Ana, where their expert staff powder coated the frame in a candy Brandy Wine finish, used to match the exterior of the car. Now that the frame was at the powder coater and out of his way, Rick moved onto the belly of the car, and sprayed it to match the exterior of the car. All of the molded suspension and exterior trim was taken to Jesse and Jose of Universal Plating in Irwindale, since these were Rick's go-to-guys for chroming. The staff at Universal had previously chromed his "Aladdin" car, so they were ready to deliver the quality shine that Rick was looking for.

With the outside of the car and its frame painted and chromed, Rick began the task of detailing the stock 4.4 liter engine. This 4100 engine was candy painted to match the rest of the Caddy, and fully detailed with chrome and paint. There were other additions made to the engine compartment, but the one that stood out the most was the cut fan shroud that was brilliantly sectioned off to allow the detail of the engine to be seen through the plexi-glass. The hoses that could not be hard-lined were polished, chromed and also painted to match. The stock R-74 was also torn down and rebuilt byRubens Transmissions in San Gabriel, CA. Once the transmission was complete, Rick got it back and painted and detailed it to match the rest of the build.

Henry of Henry's Customs gave the Coupe DeVille a full leather interior with modern seats that he had taken out of a newer 2007 Cadillac. The seats were then stitched in two different tones of leather, and accented with lizard skin inserts. Henry worked around the molded and painted dash to give the car a balance between a modern and a classic look. The trunk was also upholstered, and features a booming JBL Audio sound system that was installed around the 2 Aluminum Red's pumps. The pumps were assembled by Luis Lemus of House of Pain in Baldwin Park, CA. Luis dressed the pumps with a whammy pump, 4 Adel dumps plumbed and hard-lined, and powered the entire setup with four 31-series batteries.