After a few years of construction time the '75 Caprice Rag was finally finished. Frank and his "King Hater" hit the show circuit in full force, along with his fellow Majestics Car Club members, winning numerous awards and trophies along the way. Frank would like to thank his wife Silvia for always being understanding, and he gives special thanks to his car club members, his brother for always making sure the car made the shows, and his friend Chris Otero for lending a helping hand. Frank currently cruises his cars with his family, and when he is not riding slow and low, you can catch him cruising around in his custom-made Harley which complements "King Hater" and is affectionately christened, "King Hater II." If you see "King Hater" in the next car show, check it out, and I am sure you will not have a reason to hate.

King Hater
Owner: Francisco and Silvia Archuleta
Vehicle: '75 Chevy Caprice Convertible
City/State: Roswell, NM
Club: Majestics Car Club
Engine: Crate Motor painted to match and accessorized with plenty of custom plated chrome
Boby/Paint: Baby blue paint by Body Craft in Roswell, NM; gangster murals by Bigg Shadow; pinstripe by Angel
Suspension: Frame wrapping and reinforcement by 505 Customs; chrome plating by Electro Plating in El Paso, TX
Wheels: 13-inch All Chrome Daytons
Tires: P155 R80/13