With his many trophies and titles earned on the car show circuit, and his identity as "the Bomb man" solidified in his four-corner region, the time had now come for Fred to also come full-circle in his profession as he began teaching third graders in his hometown of Brighton, Colorado. His eyes light up when he talks about the classroom. "My dad said 'Never say you can't.' That's what I like to teach the kids, I like to integrate the subjects they're naturally good at with the subjects they need to work on. As a teacher, you have to find ways to reach these kids, you can't judge them by their appearance, their clothing, or even their parents, and I have to prepare them for them to move. I love 3rd grade because you can plant a seed and you can see it grow with them, at 8 or 9 years old they can really absorb it." And absorb it they do, thanks to Mr. Perez' unique teaching methods. "At the end of the year I give my Lowrider trophies to the kids who are most proficient in reading, math, and art, and it really encourages them. I'll take the LRMs that I've been featured in and show the kids and they really like that. I also buy Lowrider Arte to show the kids the drawings," he beams. Test time in Mr. Perez' classroom is signified to the students when he turns on the radio and plays "Lowrider" by WAR, or, as it's known to the kids, "the song from the George Lopez Show." The kids hunker down and know it's time to do their best. Perez also reads passages from a poem by Rudolfo Gonzalez entitled "I am Joaquin." "It came out of the Chicano Movement, he says, adding "it gives me information for my social studies curriculum on the Latino leaders." He believes strongly in equal curriculum. "The kids need to know the history of both sides, Mexico, and the United states, from Abraham Lincoln to Washington and Cortez and Montezuma." During math time, Perez relaxes the students' minds with tunes from East Side Story, During art, the children color in an Aztec Calendar with seven different colors. Science and electricity even have a touch of Perez in the form of model cars with electric hydraulic systems. This dedicated teacher even takes deserving students to Rockies games, and car shows, and gets as involved as he can by donating time and energy to their extracurricular activities. He exercises his responsibility as an educator to the fullest. "I get a lot of kids whose parents have been divorced or they don't have a father, these are the kids I love to have in the classroom, I want them to see me as a role model."