With a rewarding career, a beautiful and supporting wife, two amazing sons, a positive hobby, and an impact on his community that will shape its future for the better, Fred Perez is just that; a role model. His life has come full-circle, and the people surrounding him are better off because of it. His two sons Freddy, and Andrew, are already following their mother and father's footsteps into college, and following their own dreams in Architecture and Business. His relationship with his father is as tight-knit as ever, as they formed an inseparable bond while working together on Fred's many automotive masterpieces, and the children of Brighton have a chance at a better future thanks to the efforts of the man they call "El Profe." He remains humble in his success, assuring me that without his loving wife, Martha, none of it would be at all possible. As far as the car show trophies go, they're not why he does what he does on the show circuit. He builds Lowriders for the same reason he does everything in his life; to inspire other people. His road in life isn't finished, Fred Perez also wants to earn his PhD and eventually purchase property that will better fit his automotive needs, but that will have to wait, as for right now, there are children to teach. "I don't consider myself a leader," he says. "I just do what I like and hope people will follow." After seeing the evidence of how he has succeeded in life and become such a positive influence on his community, I finally get to say something to him that we've all wanted to tell our teachers for years; he's wrong.