To get the interior to match the quality of the exterior, John took the Buick over to Santana's Upholstery. There, the interior was freshened up, and the front and rear seats were completely redone in leather and suede. Once that was completed, D-Motorsports in Whittier, California, installed the 900 watt Alpine system. The DVD/CD head unit is matched up to two amps, with enough speaker power to rattle the windows of this black beauty. The original steering wheel was left intact to keep this Buick as timeless as it is modernized.

After four years, the Riviera was finally completed and ready to hit the shows and the streets. Boasting two different versions of precious cargo, the Buick now cruises with John's Groupe ELA plaque in the back window, and his grandson Andrew in the passenger seat. The car has won awards for Best Paint, Best Lowrider, and Crowd Pleaser. John would like to thank his wife Rose, his sons Tony and Jay, his son- in-law Hector, and Ray Gonzalez for helping him complete this awesome build. Though he's proud of this big body beauty, he's already looking for another unique ride to build. Any suggestions?

Black Magic
Owner: John Black
Club: Groupe ELA
Vehicle: 1968 Buick Riviera
City\State: Fullerton, CA
Engine\Drive train: Stock 430ci and stock transmission
Body\Paint: 3 Stage Paint - PPG Black, 4 thick coats of clear; body prep and paint by Ray Gonzalez
Interior: Santana Upholstery in Norwalk, CA
Sound System: Alpine CD/DVD head unit with 2 amps for a total output of 900 watts; installed by Dynasty Auto Systems of Whittier
Air Ride Set Up: Air bag system installed by Ray Gonzalez at Laid Out Customs specializing in Hydraulic & Air suspension systems. 13808 Imperial Hwy, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. (562)331-9405 Wheels/Tires: 100 spokes; 175/70R/14