Nomad's Land
Owner: Joey Jimenez
Vehicle: 1956 Chevrolet Nomad
City/State: Alta Loma, California
Club: Premier CC Los Angeles
Paint: Two-stage PPG plum and pearl white sprayed by L Durans' Body Shop-Azusa, CA.
Engine: 1980 Chevrolet 400 small block
Setup: Two Aluminum pumps powered by four batteries installed by Big Frank
Tires: Premium Sportway 5.20
Wheels: 14x7, 72-spoke all chrome Daytons

Uniqueness is a term we stress quite often within the pages of our magazine, and we encourage our readers and enthusiasts out there to constantly think outside of the box. In order for us to properly showcase the diversity and creativity of our wonderful Lowrider culture, it is key for us to feature as many styles, makes, models, and different customizations as we can, in order to help educate our readers and further develop our own ever-growing fascination with all things Lowrider. That being said, this month's cover car is a perfect example of this innovative spirit, a spirit which defines the Lowrider lifestyle to a T. This immaculate 1956 Chevy Nomad, affectionately named "Nomad's Land," is certainly a shining star among the galaxy of custom automobiles. Masterfully crafted by Joey Jimenez of Premier Car Club, the look and overall appeal of this classic ride definitely gives this car the credibility to stand out on its own. With its dusty rose complexion, and pearl white rear end, this Nomad has the guts and glory to roam any street or boulevard it pleases, representing our culture to the fullest!

Growing up in the 70's, Joey has always had a fascination with beautiful cars. As a teenager, he spent many hours in his garage listening to music, while breathing life into many old-school vehicles. He was greatly influenced by his father, and inspired by the passion and dedication he had for building automobiles. Whenever young Joey would come home from school, his father would be in the garage, all greased up with oil from the car, determined to finish another masterpiece. " My father was a big 'car nut'," says Joey. "I feel that my dad inspired me to get into the car building industry. He had a passion for building cars, and by watching him bring life to these old cars, [it] soon gave me a passion to do the same." Joey explains. "I've always had a thing for the Nomads. Although I was never a big station wagon type of guy, I loved the look of the 1956 Chevy Nomad. To me, these cars represented a sense of power and always commanded respect whenever they would hit the streets. So with that, I just knew I had to own one of my own."