One of the essential components of a car build is the name of the car. A theme, a symbol, or a meaning behind the car can often help builders find a name for the car, as well as capture it's style and identity. When it came time to decide on the name for the Continental, Joey and Erica incorporated those very three elements. "I always wanted my car to have the Famous Stars and Straps logo" says Erica. Apparently, the initial Grand Prix was going to have the Famous Stars and Straps "F" logo as well, but unfortunately it was destroyed before it could be added. Erica was always called "princess" by her mother, so a crown was definitely in order. They decided to combine the two inspirations, adding a crown to the "F" logo and added some jewels around it. Erica then found a Famous Stars and Straps tee with the word "family" on it that incorporated the "F" in the design. Since the car was a family project, Techniques member Grouch put all the elements together, and suggested to Joey and Erica the name "Family Jewels". The name was perfect for the car and stuck instantly, leaving only a final stop in the project; a trip to Mike Lamberson for the final paint touches.

Mike added silver leafing, pinstripes and the placement of the "Family Jewels" lettering and the "F" with the crown and jewels that Erica had envisioned. The car was finally born. The build of this beautiful car took 8 months from start to completion. The appropriate first stop for the car after completion was a visit to Socorro's grave site, so that Joey and Erica could share the joy in completing the car with her. The first show the car attended was Techniques' Hollywood Park show, in July of 2008. Since the Lincoln's debut, Joey & Erica have been collecting trophies and hardware at every show this unique car has been displayed.

Often times, whether we like it or not, we are reminded that life is very unpredictable, and a tragedy can strike us at any moment. We can never be fully prepared for the unseen tragedies and bad news that comes into our lives, but even in the worst of times, it's vital to try to find ways to cope emotionally. One of the most important coping mechanisms is to continue on with our routines and remain strong. In lowriding, a normal routine is to work on a car, attend car shows, and participate in club activities. To some, these routines are simply motivated by the sheer love of classic cars, and the desire to win competitions to earn respect. While these motivations are also true in this case, it's obvious that for the Hernandez family, it cuts much deeper. The tasks associated with completing the build of the car helped Joey and Erica cope with the devastating loss of Socorro. While nothing could ever take her place, and although Socorro did not get to see the car completed, we can only imagine that she is looking down on Joey and Erica, beaming with pride at the finished project.