Owner: Art Arroyo
Vehicle: '85 Oldsmobile Cutlass
Club: Groupe Car Club-Riverside

Engine/Drivetrain: '85 stock engine, stock transmission, and an exhaust with a stock ceramic chrome coating.

Body/Paint: The Colbalt Blue Candy paint was done by Jesus at All Collision Paint and Body Shop in San Bernardino, California. It has shaved door handles and a moonroof. The pinstriping was done by Mike Lamberson and the mural was done by Sal.

Interior: The upholstery was done by Johnny Quintero (Groupe member) in Riverside, California. It has four-button seats in a blue-grayish color.

Sound System: The sound system was installed by Matthew Ibrahim from Evolution Motorsports in Riverside. It includes an Alpine head unit, two Orion amps, two TV monitors in the front and rear, a DVD player, and four 6x9 Kenwood pre-amp wiring in the rear.

Suspension: The hydraulics were installed by Anthony Avila (Groupe member) in San Bernardino. The whammy pump is made of four Delta batteries, hard-line tubing, and two blocks. The front end, rear end, and gas tank have all been chromed.