What's considered a status symbol will differ between countries depending on the relative states of their economic and technological development, but what will always be a staple item in the field of success is what you drive, and we already know that Cadillacs are among the top picks for the young and the pimpin'. Cadillac is the definition of American luxury, and when it comes to roominess, no other car can really compare.

Spread across the next few pages are two of the hottest Cadillacs on the show circuit and it's with great pride that they paired up to do a photo shoot with Lowrider Magazine. Both cars are remarkable from every angle and it just goes to show you the quality of the vehicles cruising in Desirable Ones Car Club of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The first Cadillac that we'll be checking out is owned by Hector Leyva from Las Vegas. It's the cranberry-colored '81 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham fitted with plenty of tricks and gizmos. For starters, the car was painted with Cadillac Cranberry and doused with a Stage II pearl to help set off the finish. All body work and paint was done by Ernesto's Auto Body in West Las Vegas and then pinstriped by Danny Galvez at D&D Designs in Baldwin Park, California.

Inside, the interior was given a breath of fresh air by Armando at Quality Upholstery in Las Vegas. He gutted the interior and brought it back to life, but rather than go wild, he chose to keep the factory appeal. The only other standout addition to the car would have to be the custom digital gauge cluster, but sometimes beauty is best served with simplicity.

Beneath the new carpet and freshly scented interior lays hundreds of feet of wiring, which laid the groundwork for the audio/video system installed by "Beef" over at Audio Express. When hitting the Sin City streets, you'll hear this Cadillac bumpin' blocks before arrival. Consider it a warning for the haters or an announcement that the Fleetwood is rolling through a block near you.

This vehicle's got plenty of pizzazz and has already won enough shows to deem it credible, but what's even more impressive is the dedication and hard work put into it. Above all, Hector would like to thank God first, and then his fiance Shelly for helping him make his dreams come true. It was a big grouping of folks who helped make this dream car a reality.

The same holds true for fellow club member Adrian "Hefty" Damian and his '82 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Hefty's gold pearl Cadillac was finished off by Ernesto's Auto Body and accented by Danny from D&D Designs. Danny's made a name for himself in the industry as one of the living legends; as the pictures reveal, his work literally speaks for itself.

The car has the usual host of audio/video equipment and, with a host of imported gear, who better to install it than Asian Audio in Las Vegas. "DeLow" O'Neil was responsible for organizing this electronic smorgasbord of parts. Heading the entire system is a Clarion head unit which controls everything from two JL Audio subwoofers to MB Quart mids and highs.

All of the chrome on the vehicle was done by Automotive Plating Service and the mirror-finish chrome has Hefty sitting like a king. Speaking of kings, this entire project got started because Hefty wanted a burger. No, seriously! According to Hefty, he was looking to score a Whopper from Burger King when he happened to run across the Caddy which was parked on the street with a "for sale" sign. Once Hefty saw that the car was in great condition, he picked it up and literally ended up doing it his way. Now that's classic!