First spotlighted in the July '06 "Dumps" section dedicated to excellence in show-quality hydraulic setups, David Sandoval's colorful '96 Cadillac Fleetwood has more going for it than just the "good-looking trunk compartment" that captured our attention at the Phoenix, Arizona, Lowrider Tour show. So much more, in fact, that a full-on feature on the fabulous Fleetwood was a foregone conclusion.

The vehicle's exterior, interior and sound system are equally impressive, and all contribute to making the attractive Cadillac a trophy winner. The owner's no stranger to the world of show-quality customs. David tells us that he's been building cars since he was 17 years old. He's now a prime mover with Phoenix Prime Car Club and is recognized as one of the top body/paint pros in the Phoenix area.

Even with all of his experience and expertise, David ran into a snag or two with this seven-month project. "Sometimes, you rely on shops to get your car done and sometimes you have to do it yourself," he says. "The aggravating part about it is taking your car to a shop and relying on them to get things done on time. Sometimes, you just have to do it yourself."

This do-it-yourself attitude paid off for David. Just like its thematic inspiration, the Scarface movie, David's "Carface" Cadillac is testament to one man's pursuit of the top spot (only unlike Al Pacino's title character, David received some help from his fellow car club members and he didn't have to kill anyone). "You can see what happens when you do it yourself," concludes David. "You get a better outcome."