Done Deal
Owner: Sheen Jones
Vehicle: 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood
City/State: Charlotte,North Carolina
Club: No affiliation
Engine/Drivetrain: Stock 350 LT1, with painted plastics and some cleaning to keep things moving.
Body/Paint: The heart and soul of this car is the love that "Topo" and "Junior" at Bowtie Connection in Artesia, California, put into making it what it is. The car was cut and welded until what emerged was a big-body two-door convertible. Abraham at G's Auto Body in Long Beach, California, straightened all of the panels and prepped the car for paint. Levi of Lynwood, California, took a roll of tape and laid out a few patterns before going to work with the spray gun. With a combination of pebble-base pearls and a water drop effect hidden in the paint, it's certainly a show-stopper. Angelo came in after the fact and pinstriped the entire car to complete the outstanding paint job.
Interior: What seems to be a seemingly stock and simple interior actually took some work to make happen. The door panels, front and rear, had to be modified to fit along with the back seat. All of the seats were done in gray leather and the custom-made convertible frame was fitted with a custom gray canvas top. Fredrico Rivera at Bowtie Connection performed all of the upholstery work.
Sound System: Two Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000s make sure that all of the speakers are properly powered. An Alpine head unit is the brain of the system and the Kicker tweets and mids are the arms that tickle your eardrums. Three 10-inch Crossfire subwoofers in a box in the trunk rattle you to your core. Two Alpine 7-inch screens offer up some visuals. Topo and Junior performed all of the work at Bowtie Connection.
Setup: When bouncing down the boulevard, the owner has the Hop Shop in Santa Ana, California, to thank. One Whammy pump makes it all happen with its square tank along with six solenoids, six batteries, 6-inch front cylinders and 10-inch telescopic cylinders in the rear. When you cut a four-door and make it into a two-door, some stiffening is in order and Cesar at Homies Hydraulics in Paramount, California, took care of the frame reinforcement.
Tires: P155/85-R13 Winston
Wheels: 13x7 L.A. Wire with blue spokes and gold nipples, mmmmmm