Slam Session

Owner: Patrick McTizic
Vehicle: 1958 Lincoln Continental
City/State: Mira Loma, California
Club: Groupe C.C.-East L.A.
Engine/Drivetrain: The original '58 Ford 430-c.i.d. V-8 was rebuilt by "Big Lou" Hoover at High Desert Customs in Victorville, California.
Body/Paint: Fred Gonzales of Fred's Body Shop in Chino, California, performed the prep work. He also had to restore parts of the body, such as totally replacing the driver's side door, which was no easy task as, according to the owner, "there were no parts available." Patrick then plugged in at High Desert Customs and shot his car with Cream Yellow and Glazier White paint. ABS Polishing in Ontario, California, chrome plated the bumpers, mirrors and moldings.
Interior: The owner opted for leather and tweed and had Geraldo of Pomona, California, do the deed.
Sound System: Stock
Setup: This Lincoln gets that long, low look through the use of a two-pump, four-dump hydro setup with 8-inch cylinders, two switches and four batteries installed by Leo at Little Leo's Hydros & Airbags in Apple Valley, California.
Tires: 5.20 Premium Sportway
Wheels: 14-inch Dayton