Bare Elegance
Owner: Mauro Cobain
Vehicle: 1981 Buick Regal
City/State: Paramount, California
Club: Majestics C.C.-Los Angeles
Engine/Drivetrain: Rebuilt 1981 Buick V-6 with enough chrome for most any bling enthusiast. A complete chrome pulley setup, Edelbrock air cleaner, valve covers, and bolts and brackets take this ordinarily boring engine to new heights with a healthy splash of pinstriping for that tasty visual feast.
Body/Paint: Bare Elegance was touched by some of the most talented hands in Southern Cali and the car was that much better for it. J.C. and Julio at The Boulevard's Custom Paint in Paramount got to rub down this body. Bright silver in a PPG flavor was laid on in multiple coats and Javier Romo of Paramount painted the lovely ladies and the owner himself on the vehicle.
Interior: Gerald "El Maestro" of Los Angeles, California, stitched up an interior worthy of any bare bottom babe with double pillow seats cover in black naugahyde. The dash received its fair share of paint with the top being pinstriped and parts of it being painted marbleized gray to match the rest of the car. A Molina steering wheel helps keep the curb serving in the right direction.
Sound System: When trying to get a lady down to her "bare elegance," a bumping system will help seal the deal and Patrick at Iceworks Auto Sounds in Paramount froze it up for Bare Elegance. A Pioneer head unit along with mids and highs work in conjunction with two Rockford Fosgate amps while two W6 10-inch JL Audio subs dig down low. A 7-inch TV screen is in the center of the dash and a DVD player lights it up.
Setup: When you talk about simple and clean, this is what a setup like this is all about. Jerry De La Rosa of South Gate, California, put this one together. Pro Hopper Hydraulics gear is used throughout with a set of 8-inch chrome cylinders in the front and 10-inch in the rear. Two chrome pumps, two chrome solenoid blocks and a few chrome Delta dumps get controlled by four switches. When it's for the ladies, it's all about the up-and-down motion. A partial wrap on the frame, along with it being molded and then covered with marbleized paint, was done by Julio at The Boulevard's Custom Paint.
Tires: P155/80-R13 Super Ride
Wheels: 13x7 Icon wires