Through his work, Tommy Mendoza has gained much admiration from the Lowrider Community, especially from the youth. His adoration for them is second to none, and he is always willing to take the time to engage in meaningful dialogue with them about building bombs, being involved with your family, staying out of gangs, and the values of positive motivation and respect. Tommy says, "We need to keep our youth tuned-in, so this Lowrider Movement will continue to bloom."

The outdoor atmosphere at FNC is filled with unity, as the event even garnishes support from the local Fire, Police, Emergency Teams and City Officials. Tom and Art decided to go the extra mile and have even bought extra children's insurance to keep safety and family comfort a top priority. They also made sure to comply with all city ordinances and laws to make sure that the event would always be conflict free for all the attendees.

Tommy Mendoza's FNC has a full schedule of events, including a raffle table, 50/50 cash prize, as well as Doo Wop, Oldies, and Top 40's music spun by Tommy, Trophies are awarded for the various contests, and birthdays and special holidays are celebrated, too. FNC has attracted stars like Danny De La Paz of "Boulevard Nights" and Oldies vocalist Tony Allen, and has featured local talents as well. Solitos Car Club's very own 11 year old Savannah, has performed, sharing her singing talents with the crowd. Folks come from all seven counties, Northern California, San Diego, and even from as far away as Arizona and Nevada to join in on the fun. Sako's FNC has graced the pages of the LA Times and has also been featured in Petersen Museum's "La Vida Lowrider: Cruising the City of Los Angeles" display, which gained national acclaim.

The car clubs that come to enjoy this event are Best of Friends, Bomb Club, Bomb Heaven, Brown Pride, Chariots, Classic Dreams, Crusaders, Classic Oldies, Dip Sticks, Duke's, Fantasy Life, Gangs to Grace, Good Fellas, Good Life, Groupe, Imperials, King of Kings, LA Angels, LA's Finest, LA Lost City, Lifestyle, Maniacos, Night Crowd, Oldies, Old Memories, Pharaohs, Reflections, Solitos, South Side, Stylistics, Together, Thee Untouchables, Viejitos, American Street Rodders, Old School Riders, Ballers Road Dogs, Bicycle and Pedal Clubs, too. Every summer there are many individuals and solo riders that mix in with the festivities.