Winners List

Best of Show Bicycle

Daniel Cornejo
Victor Lagunas
Robert Garcia

Best of Show Trike

Sam Gallegos
David Cervantes
JJ Ramirez

Lowrider Excellence

Albert De Alba - Elite '63 Chevy Impala

Best of Show Original '69 and Below

Sal Villagrana - The Professionals '58 Impala, convertible
Sal Villagrana - The Professionals '57 Chevrolet, Bel Air
Jesse Holguin - SouthSide '58 Impala, convertible

Best of Show Traditional Lowrider

Quinton Allen - Imperials '59 Chevrolet, Impala
Abel Zavala - Imperials '64 Chevrolet, Impala 
Tomas Vasquez - Imperials '59 Chevrolet, Impala

Best of Show Truck

Hector Esquivel - Nokturna '98 Chevrolet, Tahoe
Juan Esgurda - Nokturnal '03 Lincoln, Navigator
Enfeno Valeiano - Aztlan Mexicalie '51 Chevrolet truck

Best of Show Car

Albert De Alba - Elite '63 Impala
Bobby Garza - '87 Oldsmobile, Cutlass
Brandon Gonzales - '74 Chevrolet, Monte Carlo

Best of Show Bomb

Gene Bare - Rollerz Only '54 Chevrolet
Chris Roark - Traditionals '48 Chevrolet, Fleetline
Candido Mendoza - Taste of Latin '53 Chevrolet

Car Clubs that attended and participated in 2013 Super Show:
Desireable Ones, Dukes, Elite, Goodtimes, Groupe, HighClass, Imapalas, Imperials Individuals, Just Dippin', Klique, Latin Xtacy, Lifestyle, Los Angeles, Majestics, Nokturnal Oldies, Old Memories, One Luv, Prestigious, Professionals, Rollerz Only, Royals, Showtime, SouthSide, Street Players, Stylistics, Taste of Latin, Tiempo, Tradicionals, Ultimate Riders, Uniques