With so much history in one place, Alonso worked with the Felix family and the dealership management to ensure that the legacy of the family and dealership was well documented through event photos. While the focus of the celebration was on the past, it was also on the future in a way, as Chevrolet took the occasion as the perfect time to roll out something new from their assembly lines. The automaker sent out its newest vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, to be displayed at the dealership during the show. The car, which is an electric car, was driven from Michigan to Los Angeles by Chevrolet execs on one tank of gas! We all know that alternative fuel is the direction that the automobile manufacturers are heading in, so the event was the perfect stage for Chevrolet to debut the Volt.

In keeping the iconic history of the event on full tilt, Alonso was also able to secure one of the original “Felix the Cat” costumes for the show. The classic mascot was unveiled during a cake cutting ceremony, and family members from the Felix family also spoke about the legacy of Winslow Felix, who opened the dealership in 1922. The gentleman inside the suit was a great sport, and he walked the show all day so that everyone could take photos with him.

The VCCA made this show a “People’s Choice” show, so attendees were given a ballot as they walked the show to vote for their favorite vehicles. Upon the conclusion of the event, the trophy presentation was held, giving accolades to the most deserving rides on hand. The trophies were actually plaques that were personalized with the winner’s photo taken upon their early morning load-in for the show. Those lucky enough to receive these awards appreciated the genuine customization as a very nice touch of class.

This event will go down in the Lowrider history books, as well as the VCCA archives. If the show never happens again, those in attendance can truly say that they were part of history. With any luck, there will be a 2012 date. What do you say, Felix Chevrolet?