The Lowrider Magazine big rig rolled into Northern California. Having just rolled nearly a thousand miles from the Lowrider Experience show that O.D.B. Entertainment hosted in Pueblo, Colorado the weekend before, the eighteen-wheeler had no time to rest. In fact, just seeing the Lowrider Magazine big rig in NoCal added to the excitement that had already been built-up as the date to my favorite show in NorCal, the Lolystics Car Show got closer. This show can now be considered as the preview to the Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show, as all the sweepstakes winners in Vegas qualified at this show. From Car of the Year to Truck, Traditional, Original and Bomb of the Year, all of the big boys were in the building.

Finally the day of the show had arrived and the staff was still working hard parking cars until the last possible moment before the gates opened to the public. Upon entrance, the spectators were treated to over 700 cars that filled up four buildings with rows and rows of candy and chromed rides also spilling outside. The first thing that caught the eye of the spectators was Traffic Car Club’s Legalized Sixty-Five on full display. Other fan favorites flying the NorCal plaque of Traffic included Cherry 64 and Money Green.

Once the spectators made their way into the front entrance of the main building, they saw a pair of ’58 hardtops owned by Chris Roark. Even though this wasn’t the first time that Chris Roark showed Perfect Score and Darkside Dynasty together, it was the first time that he showed the pair of 58s with the Tradicionals Car Club plaque in the back window. Other rides that also broke in their Tradicionals plaque included Danny’s ’48 Fleetline, Jesus Villalobos ’62 rag, Vicente Leon’s ’59 convertible, and Halalo James’ Hawaiian Punch, which showed with a few new upgrades. They say that first impressions are lasting impressions, well Tradicionals Car Club made sure of that, as they came out strong in their first show as a club.

Another club that showed strong in the main building was New Style Car Club. Doug Vigil’s Heavy Hitter was one of the crowd favorites that featured a New Style plaque. With no sleep from driving all night, Imperials Car Club also made the long drive up from Los Angeles to display their breathtaking rides. The main building was packed with the big guns, such as Manuel Corbala’s Strictly Business, Jimmy Gustamante’s step side, El Uno from Rollerz Only Reno Chapter, Gilbert’s Oldies 51 that showed with skirts for the first time, Marcos Psychotic Pineapple, and Eric Wisterman’s Mint Condition. Delegations, Rollerz Only, Aztecas, Goodtimes, Classic Dreams and a few other clubs also had cars on display in the main building.

Not wanting to break from tradition, the members of Impalas Car Club took over a whole building to themselves as they have done here in the past few shows. Impalas members from every part of NoCal had their cars on full display inside the building. Sam Gonzalez’ hardtop ’59 was one of those rides to leave a lasting impression on the spectators. Sal Herrera’s ’62 and Ralph Garcia’s ’66 were among the Impalas members also showing strong at the event. As you walked outside the building, you could see row after row of Impalas, all flying the Impalas Car Club plaque.

USO car club had another strong showing, as they normally do at this show, but this time fellow club member Money Mike, as he is called by fellow USO members, showed up from Las Vegas with his OG black ’63 convertible fresh out of Bowtie Connection. Another OG busting out at the show was Benny Gallergo’s ’58, called Late Great 58.