Other items that were new and hot included the re-invention of the 5.20, as Coker redesigned and created a whole new tire for our market. The new 13 and 14-inch 5.20 was improved, as it went from a two-ply tire to a four-ply tire, allowing it to have less stress and a safer ride. The 13-inch was also modified to look like the 14-inch model, giving you more traction with its new flat top surface. The whitewalls will be staying white and clean, as the better materials are used on this tire which will be sure to be a favorite in our community.

There were so many exciting new products at this show, including those made by MSD, who introduced their line of coil packs for the GM LS engines. Be Cool also introduced a whole new line of entry level aluminum radiators to fill a big void in that market. If you're getting into metal fabricating, then the Miller Plasma that was introduced at the show is a must-have. This compact cutter is perfect for the weekend enthusiast or for use at the professional level.

This year's Las Vegas SEMA show came and went as quickly as it usually does. It's crazy how this show has gotten bigger and bigger, ever since the first year I attended, and it seems as if you miss a year, you'll miss out on quite a few things. Now, take a look at some of the latest products that caught our eye at this year's SEMA Convention.