New Style
35th Year Anniversary
In the early 70's, during the golden age of Lowriding, many Lowrider car clubs were formed. It was a common sight to witness most of these clubs cruising the boulevard Friday through Sunday, or to simply catch them just hanging out on the strip. One such club that would always make their presence felt within the streets of San Jose was New Style Car Club. Carrying custom paint jobs and Zenith wire wheels, the rides of New Style Car Club were easily identifiable as the cream of the crop on Story and King. The club's plaque became instantly recognizable from blocks away, as even though the actual plaque was small in size, the name it carried was big. Most of the clubs from that day have since ceased to exist, but New Style has been one of the few clubs that has been able to withstand the test of time.

Reaching thirty-five years of existence is something very few clubs have accomplished, and achieving that while still being recognized as one of the premier clubs in the scene, is an even more improbable feat. Taking this into consideration, it was obvious that the club's 35th year anniversary called for a big celebration.

On September 12th, 2009, New Style Car Club celebrated their 35th Year Anniversary at Club Max in Modesto, CA. The establishment was decorated with photos of club members' cars, past and present, as well as magazine features, club jerseys, event shirts and much more. Among the guests that were invited to celebrate this special occasion were members of Impalas, Mi Familia, Latin Style, Untouchables and Nite Life. The attendees laughed and rehashed classic stories over dinner, while rubbing shoulders with some of the culture's OG riders.

After dinner, Doug Vigil, who is president of New Style, presented gold New Style pins to each member of his car club. After the pin presentation, an awards ceremony followed, which honored the efforts of many New Style club members. Awards were presented to Alberto Herrera, Henry Pastor, Richard Navarro, Ramon Montes, Matt Valdes, Aurelio Garcia, Mickey, Chuy, Horacio Ramirez, Vince Delgado, Kiki Rodriguez, and Rick and Yolanda Sanches for their hard work and dedication in helping the club progress, and they were commended for using their automotive skills to build the impeccable rides that fly the New Style plaque.

Local artist and up and coming R&B singer, Felicia Zapata, preformed several songs before the DJ took over for the rest of the night. I would personally like to thank Doug Vigil and the rest of the New Style members for inviting me to their anniversary, and I wish them the best of luck in continuing the tradition of excellence that now spans over three and a half decades.

San Diego
Lowrider Council's
30th Anniversary Banquet
An Association Joined for Decades
San Diego, California, has always maintained an impressive Lowrider legacy, boasting a history filled with some of the most legendary rides from some of the most well-known car clubs in the culture. Even some of the solo riders from the city of San Diego have made their mark, creating some of the most innovative and classic rides ever seen within the Lowriding genre. With such high quality rides being built among so many peers, one would think that nothing but harmony and unity would exist in San Diego. Unfortunately, this was not the case at one time. In fact, in the 1970s, there were actually some pretty violent confrontations between the local car clubs. Despite the violence, the majority of local Lowriders shared a positive vision of Lowriding, as well as a common goal of sharing the area boulevards with one another peacefully. These same individuals agreed that there was a need to form a unified organization that could represent all of the other clubs in the San Diego area.