The day concluded with the highly anticipated hopping contest. Each contestant tried their best to hit the most inches, as the crowd reached a frenzy-filled roar. Although there was some breakage, the crowd was still satisfied, as they left the event content with the day they spent at the show.

The show was a great time from start to finish, thanks to the hard work of Obsession Car Club. They really took the necessary steps to ensure that everything ran smoothly, and that all the attendees were taken care of properly. This was the first time my wife Stephanie and I attended the show, and it certainly won't be the last. Perry Bunker and the Obsession Car Club were gracious hosts and treated us with plenty of "Southern Hospitality." Thank you very much for the invite and the chance to see Lowriding on the East Coast, we definitely plan on attending the show in 2010. This show is on my list of "must attend" shows, and I highly recommend you add it your "must attend" list too.