Fittingly, the pig racing arena with the phrase "Pig Palace" emblazoned over the entrance, became the perfect place for six hoppers to wallow in the dust. If you like bumper-standing power hoppers, then you were certainly at the right place. Connected by a yellow cable, Impressions car club went first, hitting the switch at least eight times for a good run, while How High Hydros' white Buick Regal launched into the sky multiple times in a heart pounding exhibition. Again triple HHH garnered a few thrills with a blue Chevy Caprice, before unfortunately snapping a lower A-arm, after bouncing off huge steel plates during the crushing downward impact. There was a celebrity in the house for this event as well. Local hydraulic mastermind Jerry Lamm, from Connected Car Club, used his many years of switch experience to bring a purple and polished, four-door Ford Lincoln to a 40" bounce. Jerry should be a professor by now, because they do not teach this stuff at Harvard! The action peaked when a Majestics member registered a big 72" power stand with a battered Cutlass, to bring the day's rivalry and fan friendly competition to an end. One of the prizes, given away by hydraulic Hall of Famer Ted Wells, was an under-dash color bar.

Every year, the club presents to the world the broad, friendly, and creative spectrum of lowriding. "{It's important] to thank all my fellow Nite Life members and helpers for making this show possible. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and determination to do this, but it's all part of Lowriding," says Danny, as he speaks to us while at his regular job. We couldn't agree more, Danny, and we'll see you again in 2010.