In the outdoor section of the show, there were over 500 cars on full display, during a perfectly comfortable summer day. The morning sun was in full effect, but not like it was during past years, where the heat was unbearable. Spectators instead basked in the comfort of a beautiful sunny day, which allowed the candy paintjobs to pop, the flake to shimmer, and the chrome to shine before their enthusiastic eyes. As we walked to the show, we saw an impressive display by the guys from USO Car Club, who had set up a line of over 40 cars, which represented USO chapters from all over the nation. Some of the other highlights of the outdoor show included Big Country's cream '62 Impala, and Red's blue Monte Carlo, which were accompanied by a display that was tagged up by legendary graffiti artist OG Abel. "Strictly Business" was on display for the first time in 10 years, as owner Manuel Corbala of Elite Car Club handed down the keys to his 10-year-old son, after the car had previously taken home Lowrider of the Year Honors three times in a row. Outdoors we also met with Luis Rodriguez, who drove down his hopper from Santa Ana, CA to represent the Padrinos Car Club. While DJ OG Able handled the turntables and Pony Boy rocked the microphone, the crowd kept it moving on the Cashman Field grounds, soaking up all of the scene's best and brightest Lowriders, Car Clubs, and builders. We also teamed up with Rollerz Only to take their yearly Car Club picture.

Show sponsors worked overtime to ensure that everything for this amazing event was in order. Our loyal Lowrider sponsor, Lugz, was in the house, giving away free shoes to those lucky enough to get them. The guys from Rust-O-leum were on hand as well, giving consumers demonstrations of their award-winning product, a must use item for many prospective Lowrider builders. The crew from Crazy Cutting showed off some of their finest work, including custom-cut car club plaques and custom built A-arms, while Ruthless Records rocked the house with their cutting-edge music.

This premier event lived up to its hype as usual, thanks to the many Car Clubs, builders, enthusiasts, spectators, and fans, who made the trip to attend the 2009 Lowrider Las Vegas Super Show. If you missed this event, make sure to make it to Vegas next year, as this show is one that seems to get better and better as the years go by.

Best Car of Show
1st: Chris Roark, '58 Chevy Impala
2nd: Jesus Ortega, '87 Chevy Monte Carlo
3rd: Trino Alfaro, '64 Chevy Impala SS

Best Traditional Lowrider
1st: Mario Mercado, '77 Cadillac
2nd: Glen Saiz, '64 Chevy Impala
3rd: Michael Grey, '60 Chevy Impala

Best Original '69 & Below
1st: Jesse Holquin, '57 Chevy Convertible
2nd: Sunny Fao, '57 Chevy Convertible
3rd: Gerrardo Yanez, '57 Chevy Convertible

2009 Lowrider Las Vegas Super Show
1st: Isidro Juarez, '50 Chevy Truck
2nd: Sal Sierra, '36 Ford Truck
3rd: Henry Palacios, '51 Chevy Truck

Best Bomb
1st: Michael Tovar, '37 Chevy Convertible
2nd: Mario DeAlba Sr., '36 Chevrolet
3rd: Cesar Rodriguez, '38 Chevy Master Deluxe

Best Bike
1st: Sebastian Paz
2nd: Fatima Garcia
3rd: Dagoberto Duran

Best Trike
1st: Jose Duran
2nd: Noah Gomez
3rd: Evelina Gonzalez

Lowrider Excellence Award
Michael Tovar, '37 Chevy Convertible