Now before you get the impression that these chapters were only about publicity, it's important to note their contribution to design as well. These chapters could also be given the credit for designing the Euro clip Cadillac 2-door conversion, which is still popular among today's enthusiasts. They were the first to convert the cars, in fact, they also built the first Euro Le Cabriolets, becoming modern day trendsetters in the process. The La Puente chapter also became the first chapter to have a big body Cadillac featured on the 2000 Lowrider Magazine cover. Both of these chapters were notorious for being on Crenshaw, and for not being afraid to hit the switch on that legendary strip, either. This was a great time in the scene, when Switchman became famous for his '80s Caprices, and held the club name for all to see on the "Yung Hog" and "Cali Swangin'" videos. All of this exposure helped to start up the additional chapters of Individuals that are out riding today. These chapters include the following places: Los Angeles, Ventura County, San Jose, Sacramento, Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma, Saint Louis, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Portland, Orlando, Miami, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Chicago, Atlanta, Mississippi, Louisiana, Canada and Japan.

Today the club's different chapters mimic the mother chapter founding by-laws, as they bring a collective individualism to their states. Building quality automobiles, and promoting a diverse membership has really helped this club grow into the positive club that it is today. They should be able to keep growing at this pace, thanks to the efforts behind annual events like Oklahoma, St Louis and the Phoenix chapter's picnics, which bring in the local lowriding community. These events only promote the positive side of Lowriding, something that this club was initially founded on.

From one chapter, to twenty-six chapters across the United States, Canada and Japan, Individuals Car Club has grown at an amazing and steady pace over the years. Today the club thrives, thanks to the strong members and individuals that constantly roll to the fullest, exceeding any and all expectations of the club upon its initial establishment. As long as this club can keep their positive mentality and diverse membership, we can rest assured in knowing that we will see this legendary club at the forefront of Lowrider Culture for another 30 years. Keep up the good work, Individuals!