About a year after the idea was first conceived, the first annual Kentucky Individuals' Picnic and Hop took place. Realizing the importance of keeping strong events going annually in the Mid Atlantic and Southern Regions, the Individuals decided to become a part of the network of picnics and shows in the area. The event filled a weekend early in the summer with a day full of fun and action, with an event that was also supported by a second day of good weather.

Out-of-towners mingled with local riders, as well as each other, to add a feeling of coast-to-coast cooperation and unity amongst the competitors and the enthusiasts. Big Fish and Roll'n were both on site, shooting footage for their respective videos, which feature excellent coverage of the entire weekend's events. Azteca CC from Chicago, Uce Lima, Down IV Life out of Kansas City, and various Individuals members from all parts of the map, converged on the Bluegrass State, and further strengthened the bond between riders in the region. During the hop, Southside Cruisers and Rob from RNL showed their stuff in a battle that put both competing rides on their bumpers and got the crowd going wild! Switchman from Individuals was in town, and he graced Jason J's '64 Impala with a couple quick flips of the switch, in a tough battle against Matt's '68 Impala from Westside Lowriders.

The event was a huge success, and left everyone in attendance looking forward to next year's picnic. Congratulations and much respect to the Individuals for putting on a great event for their region, their culture, and everyone in attendance at this amazing picnic and car show.