Rollerz Only's Scrape By The Lake
Though not exactly located in the Midwest, this Ontario event attracts many riders from the neighboring regions, as well as its own. As you approach Niagara Falls, this show reminds you that, around here, the language of lowriding even includes French! Each year Scrape By The Lake attracts various riders hailing from everywhere, from Toronto to New York and from Michigan to Montreal. Canada's premier lowriding event assembles a unique gathering of riders from different lands, languages, cultures, and countries. Full of families, rides, sponsors, and food, the Scrape regularly attracts 500+ entries and boasts a view of gorgeous Lake Ontario's southeastern shore.

Westside Lowriders Picnic
All roads lead to Hamilton, OH. Whether you're traveling from north, east, south, or west this picnic is centrally located for Midwest riders and is sure to be worth the trip! The Westside Lowriders put on this must-see event bringing riders from all over the Midwest for a hot day in the sun full of food, hopping, people, and memories to get you through the off-season as you look forward to the next year's event.