As you travel east from Los Angeles, palm trees turn to leaves, warm temperatures become a range of unpredictable weather conditions, and spokes and candy paint turn to dubs and decals within urban automotive circles. However, throughout many cities and neighborhoods in the Midwest, lowriding enjoys a passionate, albeit smaller, following. The network of lowriders in the Midwest work hard to stay connected through an informal circuit of cruises, picnics, and shows. Individual riders, club chapters, and show promoters scour their calendars each year, comparing notes with each other to keep great get-togethers going strong each weekend throughout the summer. This allows riders to swing through various states and towns to meet and keep the culture going strong, despite living in regions without the privilege of large numbers of riders, shops, or national tour stops. Several of these events happen each year and give riders in the region something to look forward to.

Chicago Majesticss and s Cruiser Picnics
When it comes to size, style, and culture Chicago is the capital of the Midwest. That said, naturally, when it comes to lowriding, its only right that the Chicago land area is home to some of the best and brightest rides in the region. A trip to Chicago on almost any given weekend throughout the summer is sure to offer some semblance of the California lowrider scene in the form of a cruise, picnic, or show. In this tradition, the Southside Cruisers and Majestics have helped keep the culture alive hosting several picnics and hops to remember.

Low IV Life Car Show
In Saginaw, beautifully restored rides gather in the shadows of closed auto plants to celebrate automotive culture, showcasing lowriders that were once the pride of the now defunct assembly lines. Members of Low IV Life's chapters from Michigan to Texas came out to represent and help plan last year's event. Attendees from all over Michigan and beyond bring their cars and families to enjoy Low IV Life's annual event. Judging, food, hopping, trophies, and prizes are just some of the sought after incentives to come out year after year.