For the past few years, it has been my honor to be part of the Lowrider Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. And in that time, I have spoken about lowriding's evolution into a world wide revolution. It has evolved from its modest beginnings of individuals cruising the barrios of Aztlan into today's car clubs that have established numerous chapters throughout the U.S. and abroad. I've highlighted the progression of yesterday's lowrider movement, or onda, into today's mainstream automotive sport. Although those speeches emphasized lowriding's development over the decades, the main objective was, and is, to remember what, and more importantly, who got us here. In its fifth year, the tradition continues, as the LHoF proudly honors four gentlemen who have helped pave the way throughout lowrider history.

This inception began about 6 years ago. As I worked the Go-Lo tour, I would hear young lowrider enthusiast get excited about how he met or took a photo with a "lowrider legend". Don't misunderstand. I, too, have the utmost respect for these "proclaimed" individuals, but the last time I checked, appearing on the lowrider scene or even winning a few titles in an eight to ten-year span may have you idolized or admired by some. But "legend"--it's in a class all its own. That title belongs to those that have given A LIFETIME to a just cause.

More importantly, what saddened me was how a true legend, who has given so much to lowriding, can walk down the aisles of a car show unrecognized or even acknowledged with a simple hand shake or thank-you for his inspiration, innovation and never-ending dedication throughout lowrider history. Instead, he's just looked upon as "the old vato at the show."

Presently, lowriding is fortunate to have numerous veteranos who, undoubtedly, have given their lifelong commitment and passion to this onda and sport. And for those decades as automotive artists, inspirational leaders in your clubs, or as mentors in your communities, your convictions will not be forgotten, as the Lowrider Hall of Fame continues to strive in recognizing those individuals who have been instrumental in influencing lowriding's past and present, as well as, its future. I have no doubt that the LHoF will have numerous respected individuals to honor for many years to come.

The criteria set forth are as follows:

The LHoF Nomination Committee, consisting of Lowrider Events judges and past honorees, will submit all nominations to the LHoF Executive Committee. These nominees, with a required minimum of 20 years involved in the lowrider culture and/or sport, are reviewed and final inductees are confirmed by the Executive Committee.

The category honors are as follows:

Memorial Honor - Recognition of a deceased individual who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the lifestyle and/or automotive sport of lowriding; in regards to leadership, craftsmanship, or lifetime contribution. Does not require 20 year minimum history.

Leadership Honor - A founder/leader, which has directly affected the course, actions, contributions, and positive influence of a recognized and organized group and/or car club.

Craftsmanship Honor - Designer, builder, artist in creating original and outstanding vehicles. Also, exhibiting these vehicles for a consistent period of time.

Lifetime Contributor Honor - A community leader and/or activist with a lifelong dedication of time, resources, and heart in contributing, influencing, and/or investing directly back into the lowrider community. This category may include individuals who promote lowrider events that simultaneously educate and entertain such community.