Our themed-out October Halloween issue of Lowrider magazine, "Low Vira" included, brings out the polarizing color of black, which distinguishes the '57 Chevy convertible displayed on this cover like no other paint color can. Long seen as the villain's color in movies and associated with many superstitions, black can certainly represent evil in an automotive sense-due to it being a color on your vehicle that demands muscle, sweat, and polish constantly because black gets dirty the next day. Improper bodywork and dents or dings can also be magnified by the color, as it tends to show only imperfections in the sunlight. Even when you wash a black car, you have to hang out an extra half hour after drying it just to catch those left over drops of water that come dripping out! While it can be difficult to maintain, nothing is more luxurious and stately than a properly waxed and shined black and chrome combination. It is a color that demands a certain respect. Before he died, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis dressed his football team in the color; he believed it psychologically intimidated other teams, a trend college football and other pro teams have recognized. Black graduation gowns, tuxedos worn at formal occasions, and lawyers, judges, and religious figures all bear this color because it separates those who wear it from the rest of the room. There are bodywork guys out there today who will paint a car black first in an attempt to make sure there are no waves or low spots before they really paint the car the desired color, as black is the only true indicator of what the body condition will be like. Give it some thought; it makes you appreciate anyone who picks that color, because they really put themselves out there for criticism. The color is hard earned when it looks good!

All of you Lowrider historians should know that we are nearing the completion of our 35 Years of Lowrider Magazine pictorial celebration and collection. This becomes our 10th issue, and we can only hope you have enjoyed looking back as much as we have. The lowrider world hasn't really changed that much, but just like chrome, it hasn't gone out of style, thanks to the thousands of rides that were photographed in these pages and the good times that surrounded them. Some of the rides back in '77 are as cool as the rides we feature today.

Even though there are 12 highquality lowrider rides showcased in this magazine, please don't forget to continue reading along and checking out more photos and extended coverage of all your favorite Lowrider features on our website, as it picks up where the pages leave of.

Joe Ray