If you need proof of our staying power, check out this November issue’s Cover Car; a flawless ‘58 Impala convertible, proudly owned by a bad-ass White boy out of South Carolina. Don’t let that location fool you―this car more than holds its own while upholding our grand tradition of Lowriding. That’s the thing about Lowriders―you have to love them or leave them, ‘cause they’re not going anywhere and they just might be moving in to the driveway next door to you!

We went down memory lane in this month’s Lowrider Image segment, which fuses the foundation and the current climate of one of today’s longest running car clubs. We profiled founding President Danny Aguilar, Sr., and current President, Adam Amarillas, of Together Car Club; both of whom have played a major part in putting the “Together” in Together. Thanks in part to their efforts, the club has been active for over 30 years, and we got a glimpse of their very proud past and present history in this profile, which demonstrates exactly why Together is forever.

God, family, and cars make up the phenomenal car club known as the Bomb Connection. We got connected with them in this month’s Car Club section; which I know will delight all of you Bomb aficionados out there. Give this section a read to see what it takes to roll with this very unique club.

Lowrider Magazine would like to congratulate Richard Ochoa, Hall of Fame member and former Car Club President of the Society Car Club from Arizona. We tip our hats to Society for celebrating 30 years of classic history!

We might as well go out on top here, or should I say “Chop Top,” as our Tech Editor Saul Vargas captures a ‘65 Buick Riviera getting customized. Check it out for pointers guys, but always remember that chop tops are only cool when they make your car look even better in style—they’re not just for getting extra judging points!

Joe Ray