Every car club has a member that is a trend setting car builder, and we kind of all follow these guys around with their ideas and styles, but we need more guys and builders out there to demonstrate and become more innovative as designers so we can progress! Names like the Tovars, John from Bowtie, Epstein, Chris Roark, the DeAlbas, Tim Rodriguez and Anthony Fuentes just to name a few, along with Lowriders of the Year, have all demonstrated their talents with their car builds. These guys are too few and far between, and are simply not followed enough as examples of prime craftsmanship in the way that I believe they should be. When you ask any of those guys what the purpose is behind any of their builds, they will tell you that they didn’t build their cars to be the baddest Lowriders; they built them to be the baddest cars around! They each have the “Us and Them” attitude, and they represent us well, but we need to take it to another level. In the ‘60s and ‘70s guys would cut their bumpers to show more grill, change their round lights to square lights, or sink in and French their tail lights, just to get away from the average look that everyone had. I know that not everyone out there can go full custom or street custom on their cars, but it’s cool to try to do the best that you can, even if you’re just dreaming about doing it. Lowriding is a sport too. I’ll bet you that those top builders visit this show to see the other competition also, just to stay one step ahead of the game.

Lowrider Magazine would like everyone to join us in congratulating the long time veterans of the legendary Car Club out of Oxnard, CA., known as La Gente! Visit with them and take notes on their claim to fame in this issue’s Car Club segment as they have grown and included other chapters.

The one and only Original that is “Fonzy” displays his colorful legacy in our Original section. Grab a match stick and light it in respect to this well known artist, who has his own style, and not just on canvas.

And before I get too far away from that HotRod intro, check out that “Purpled Out” ‘64 Impala on our cover, which truly shows off why Lowriders can’t be matched by any other industry when it comes to custom paint!

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As long as we build and drive them, it will always be “us and them.”