Traditions live on, as we present to you Old Memories in the Car Club section. Sound the sirens and rap the pipes as we congratulate a Bomb of a car club, family, army, and true friends to the Lowrider way of Life. Though their pristine rides look new like its 1939, you can swear they have been around for that long too, as they never have stopped exploding on the streets and show scenes.

Our Image section has an oldie but goodie too, and I mean good because Hector Oso Rivera has always maintained a good image wherever he’s been throughout his life. That is his artistic way of life and it is also the name of the proud car club he has always represented for most of his years. I’m sure his mother is very proud of him, as he has helped her see the true nature of what guys in Lowriding are really all about. Oso also invites us to his museum-styled garage and here; we let the pictures tell his story.

In this May issue, we also bring back another Original - a deadly one in its time, too. Mario Martinez’ famed custom-built Monte Carlo Lethal Weapon is remembered as one of the show circuit’s top contenders. We drop by Mario’s Custom Shop for a visit and share some old times in the hopes of finding out if there will be a sequel.

Proper toasts go out to Classic Lowriders from the Westside, for the celebration of their 30th anniversary, which is also classic because 30 years is hard to do!

Thank God for all those Lowrider car clubs and Lowrider supporters /enthusiasts who donate their time to community charities, such as Christmas Toys for Tots shows. Kids will never ever forget when they are in time of need for the holidays and will always identify that special toy they received from someone. We all wish that the kindness and Image we project would be remembered too. Sure our Lowrider world is sometimes tarnished, but it shines the brightest when communities receive Lowrider gifts from the heart. Thanks to all for realizing what is really important during the holidays. It’s bigger than the Boulevard.

I speak from experience and the love of life as a Lowrider. I am blessed to write editorials and I truly understand and respect all of our readers’ wishes. I also speak with good intentions and care only about the respect we deserve. I only hope everyone understands.

Joe Ray