Life can be a fleeting moment sometimes. Even if we are lucky to stay on earth well into our eighties or nineties, our days seem to go by within the blink of an eye. Within that blink, many of us the lucky ones, that is often find ourselves touched by the lives of others. Namely, our parents, our brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, friends and sometimes, even our enemies. When we lose these folks, the only phrase that can sum up what they meant to us is Gone but Not Forgotten. It’s a small homage, a nod that in some way, shape, or form, these people made an impact upon us. Losing a mother means losing a piece of your heart that you can never get back. Losing a father means standing without a backbone, forced to handle yourself and your business like a man for the first time. Funeral eulogies are spoken about these special loved ones, and they attempt to put into words our loved ones’ legacies, reflections, and the memories that will ultimately help us continue to go on.

Coping with this change best sums what it feels like to be an adult, and every last one of us longs to feel like we are 12 years old all over again. In those simple times there were toys, sports, bikes, and no responsibilities. Now that we are all adults, we know what our parents went through and our responsibility to them is to honor the legacy they have left us with. They were our mentors and our guides, and even in passing on, we feel an obligation to live in a way that they would be proud of. To carry ourselves with dignity, grace, courage, confidence, and compassion is the least of what we owe to them.

Did you ever stop to think about the forefathers of this culture in that way? It’s deep, but think about that for a minute. We are facing an unprecedented generational shift in our culture. While we are lucky to be involved in a culture that is relatively new to the point where we can still interact with many of our founding fathers, our legends and pioneers are all, or will be cruising Heaven’s Boulevard in due time. Many have passed on as of late, and many other legends are sick and getting older too. What we have to do is appreciate all they have done and continue on graciously. We have to respect the foundation they worked so hard to set; otherwise, put those keys away! Old Memories passed on will always be remembered, but never take advantage of someone’s past who has handed you their torch; make sure that the light in their everlasting passion in life never goes out. We need to assure them that when they let go of the keys, what they are really handing over will never be lost. Those keys define our chance to serve and protect what was once theirs; a lifetime of dedication and hard work to create a lifestyle based around a wonderful love affair with classic automobiles. We need to continue their mission and pay tribute to their lives by becoming guardians of the sanctity of this beautiful passion. The people closest to us all hope that their past can be carried on in a respectable manner, and if we loved them or still yearn for them, then that’s the least we can do. Take the keys and drive the legacy. While you do, keep it proud and shiny, it makes good for the soul. The next time you park your ride and lay it down for a while, reflect on those who did it before you.

Say a prayer in thanks and hang on to those keys we are given to let them know it’s still the same as the day they left.