The East L.A.-birthed Spirit Car Club has had a long and storied 30 years of history since they first broke out with a "show cars only" mentality back in the early 80's. Ruben "Buggs" Ochoa first established the club, and along with Joe Montenegro, and Frank Castillo, the club has continued to ride strong in Arizona for the past three decades. Congratulations are in order for the members, both past and present of The Spirit car club, as well as their family and friends as we captured the club's special celebration from our "On the Scene" segment.

Takashi Kikuchi is Mr. "Original" when it comes down to representing as the Lowrider pioneer for all of Japan. Special respect and love goes out to this guy, who for years has been instrumental for Lowriding as a businessman, hobbyist, and photographer. Japan's love and devotion for the Lowrider Culture comes from this trailblazing teacher, who learned the Lowrider lifestyle and way of life by becoming a Lowrider first. Thank you, Takashi, from everyone, for spreading and teaching the proper traditions of Lowriding.

In the past, I've asked for everyone to please contribute photos of old '60's and '70's show cars, bunny ears, show pipes, Cragar wheels, long hair, flared jeans, and car clubs for our "Retro" feature. Then we added another feature in the magazine called "Roll Models," which consisted of inspirational stories from Lowriders who are firemen, doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc. So now, I respectfully ask for anyone to submit photos of your Lowriders for a new feature called "Only on the BouLOWvard" Send me a few good digital pictures of your Lowrider, along with the year, make, and model, as well as what city, state, or club you are from to the Lowrider website Click on to "BouLOWvard"" and submit your photos. Now everyone gets a chance to be in Lowrider Magazine! Submit your photos and wait for the next issue of Lowrider to see if your car is featured!

Make sure your white walls aren't yellow...

Joe Ray